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Close your Eyes…

Close your eyes for a moment. Block out the noise from around you and engage your imagination. Done it? Good. Now I want you to imagine a Sunday at home. You and your family doing whatever it is that you normally do on a Sunday. Don’t tell me about it, it’s your world, your reality.… Continue reading Close your Eyes…

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100 days to be happy: Catch up – My Top Ten ways to relax.

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting my happy reasons recently... well, doing this sort of kick-started my writing and I've managed to write two and a half chapters so far! So I'm really rather happy... Anyway. I thought today I'd catchup a bit by doing a sort of summary post... in the… Continue reading 100 days to be happy: Catch up – My Top Ten ways to relax.

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100 Days to be Happy: Escapism

My house is stuffed full of Escapism. Everything from books through DVD's to console games. Just so we're clear, here's a definition from the Collins English Dictionary: noun 1. An inclination to or habit of retreating from unpleasant or unacceptable reality, as through diversion or fantasy This can be a good thing. Why? Well, The Dragon's Tower (my name for our house)  is too crowded for the number of people in it.… Continue reading 100 Days to be Happy: Escapism