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Continuing Personal Development…

A while back I was feeling pretty unsuccessful.  I don't sell a lot of books and for some reason I equate the number of books that I do sell with my personal sense of achievement. That hasn't changed... I have. Since we moved to this town, I've been feeling very low and trying to write… Continue reading Continuing Personal Development…

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Anthologies… are such wonderful books!

There are many good things about Anthologies. They are created for all sorts of reasons and can be a good way to discover new writers, because that's often how new writers first get published. There's nothing like the thrill of getting your very first story accepted to be part of a book - it's almost… Continue reading Anthologies… are such wonderful books!

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Ancient History, Cake and Time Travel

I sometimes forget that there was once a world without the technological miracle / horror that is the Internet and Computers.  I work with it every day and it sucks up large tracts of my time... ...hmm, maybe that's what The Internet lives on,  the time that it sucks out of its users... ...there might… Continue reading Ancient History, Cake and Time Travel