Satyulemas is coming…

Mid-Winter is a tricky time of year for me.
Firstly there’s all that nonsense about Christmas being warred upon. People get up in arms about the strangest of things – who really cares what sort of paper cups that Starbucks is using?
It’s annoying and amusing at the same time.

Then there’s all the hoo-har about what we should be saying:
“Merry Christmas!”
“Happy Holidays!”
“No, it’s Christmas…”
“It’s not just Christmas, there’s:
Saint Nicholas Day (Christian),
Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexican),
St. Lucia Day (Swedish), Hanukkah (Jewish),
Christmas Day (Christian),
Three Kings Day/Epiphany (Christian),
Boxing Day (Australian, Canadian, English, Irish),
Kwanzaa (African American),
Omisoka (Japanese),
Yule (Pagan),
Saturnalia (Pagan)…”
“We’re a Christian Country everyone should be saying Merry Christmas!”
That conversation is always more annoying than amusing, because it drags way too much religion into a season that should be more about Family and Love than which version of god you worship.

Then the Seasonal Affective Disorder hits – the dark mornings and short days, coupled with predominantly cold and damp weather make me feel depressed, ill, irritable and definitely not festive.

I grew up as an Anglican, which meant that I went to church carol services like Christingle and church christmas parties. I sang the carols and bought into the stories that were told… it wasn’t until I was a lot older that I realised it wasn’t the religion I wanted to be a part of.
But I still loved the music and the happiness that the carol services seemed to bring to the children at that time of year.

After I met TOH, we spent Christmas with his family and for several years we had holidays full of music, wine, family and fun… until his mum left us and although his sister tried hard to keep it going, the holiday fell apart.
For a while it was hard to keep the festive feeling going. We managed to do Christmas itself, mainly for our kids sake. Being in Guiding helped because we’d do carol concerts and christmas activities.

After we had so many problems with housing and finance, TOH and I decided that we’d celebrate what we called “Satyulemas” – this starts on the 17th December  (Saturnalia),  takes in Yule on the 21st  (Astronomical Midwinter) and covers Christmas on the 25th Dec, then finishes the day after my youngest Daughter’s birthday.

So this year, I’ve decided to start a new tradition –


Three of these books have homes to go to… but the fourth one (signed & dedicated)  is going to be going to the winner of my Satyulemas Competition!

There will also be E Book Copies for four runners up.

All you have to do is comment on this Blog post with your favourite, book related,  Mid-Winter Holiday Memory.

The competition will end by midnight (GMT) on Satyulemas – 17th December 2018 – the winner will be notified by email, so don’t forget to leave a contact email!

Feel free to share the news – I want to hear about everyone’s memories and hopefully make a new one for someone!





And the Tower is Back, Baby!

Well, the rewrite of “A Beginning” has not only been completed, but is also published and available to buy again!
There’s a sneak peek from the second book in the end matter as well as the rewritten main story, so I’ve tried to pack a lot into a little book…

The rewrite of Book 2 – “A Party at Castle Grof” is underway, as is the writing of “The Quargard Chronicles” (as mentioned in my last post) – a collection of stories and poetry based in the world of Quargard. That’s going to take me a while to put together, but hopefully it will have illustrations as well.

I’m also planning a limited edition hardback of twenty of each of the series books. The first ten of “A Beginning” will be numbered and will only available as a Goal on My Patreon Page, as a thank you to anyone who chooses to support me.
Again, this edition will have illustrations and maps of the dungeon that the book takes place in, and will take me a while to put together, so keep your eyes peeled!

Places to buy:

Smashwords –

Amazon e-Book –

Amazon Print Book –

Also available via Kobo, Apple and Barnes & Noble

I’d better get on and write now… before my kids interrupt me again!


E-Books or Print books? You decide…

I am proud to be a member of the Pfoxmoor Publishing Family.


“The Tower and The Eye” Novella series was picked up by them early this year and hopefully the first book in the series will be published at the beginning of 2012 under their Pfoxchase Imprint.


…Yes, I know it’s a long time to wait.


But, while you’re waiting, Pfoxmoor has a lot of brilliant books that you can read. They’re all available in e-format and some of them are available in print as well – I seriously recommend getting the books in print if you enjoy them in e-format…




An e-reader is a wonderful device, it allows you to read anywhere you like, doesn’t go soggy in the rain and you can store hundreds of books on it. Perfect for someone like me who likes to read many different books and genres.




Print books have more to them than just the story. There is a whole sensory experience to reading a print book that an e-reader just doesn’t have. There’s the feel of the paper; smooth in some books, rough in others.

For me it brings back memories of sitting in the school library at break times, going through the boxes of new books (I was a Library Monitor at school) and checking the pages and adding the school stamp.


There’s the smell that books have as well. Brand new books have that sharp, fresh ink smell; second hand or books that you haven’t read for a while have a tangy, soft scent that always reminds me of winter evenings snuggled up with a mug of Horlicks.


Everyone has their favourite places to read. In the winter I snuggle up in a fleecy, furry throw with my Horlicks. In the summer, I pull out a garden chair, put my hat on and take in a little vitamin D while I catch up on the adventures of my favourite characters.


Of course, both e-readers and books are good for the summer, but e-readers often have a problem with bright sunlight, which is where the print book has the edge, but bright sunlight fades ink, which is where e-readers are better than print.


Anyway, back to Pfoxmoor.



You’ll find a whole slew of different books being brought out by them. The YA books come out through Pfoxmoor and Adult books are brought out through the Pfoxchase Imprint.


You’ll find a new section to my website going up shortly, introducing you to all the Pfoxmoor / Pfoxchase books and featuring a review of the book in question. There will also be links to the various places you can buy them (and believe me they are everywhere) and if you want to, you can leave your own comments and reviews in the comments section on each page.


Pfoxmoor has something for everyone and I’m sure that you’ll find a book that you will want to read…