Monster Monday: Skeletons, the backbone of the Overlord’s Armies…

… and I’m not joking either.

Today’s Monster Monday is all about Skeletons.

*Notices people looking around nervously*

Don’t worry, I’m not bringing one in here – there are just too many types and the reanimation magic used on their remains keeps them close to their home dungeon.

*People relax*

So I’ll just tell you about them…

The first type of Skeleton Guard is the Standard Skeleton. These can be reanimated with a minimum of effort by the newest of warlocks, from any age of bone and normal raised from the graveyards of peasant stock from the Overworlds.

Standard Skeletons can then be trained in the same way as other creatures, through sparring and battles with other creatures. This type of skeleton isn’t particularly intelligent, requiring careful supervision, especially around Hell Hounds and Blood Wolves.

The animals will do what any canine likes to do and steal bones from the skeletons, either gnawing them into splinters to keep their teeth sharp or burying them in out of the way spots to save for later, which can me disastrous just before a battle or skirmish.

The next level of Skeleton is one raised from an enemy creature. These Eneletons are considered the Officers of Standard Skeletons, being created from already trained creatures during incarceration in the dungeon’s Holding Cell

Dark Mistresses are responsible for the full creation of Eneletons, as many will attempt to return to their previous masters. They must be carefully reconditioned to their fate before being allowed to train and draw pay in the Skeleton Guard.

The final level of Skeleton is that raised from the incarceration, torture and defection of a hero of any class. They keep their skill levels and require no reconditioning once they have been accepted by the crystal. These Heletons are the elite of the Skeleton Guard, often undertaking dangerous, secret missions, when they aren’t running the Skeleton Guard in te ranks of the upper Officers.

It is safe to say that the Skeleton Guard is truly the Backbone… thigh bone, skull, jaw… of a competent Dungeon Custodian’s forces!

*groans are heard from the audience*

I’ll take that as a compliment! 

Monster Monday

Are you all recovered from the effects of the Poison Demon’s emanations? Good. I have something a little sweeter smelling for you today.

Admittedly, this is one demon that I am nervous about having in the room with me.

You weren’t nervous about the poison demon?

Well, no, I had that one under strict control. Today’s… Guest… is far more dangerous.

Who is it?

Well,  he is one of the more articulate dungeon dwellers, as well as a force to be reckoned with on the wrong side of the battle lines.  I have the distinct…um… honour to introduce to you – Dr. Cutznstix.

*A tall figure strides into the room. As he gets closer you can see that he wears a long white lab coat over what looks like furry trousers, odd looking black shoes and a tight fitting red silk shirt.

Then you realise that the furry trousers are actually his legs and they end in shiny black cloven hooves. Likewise, the red silk shirt is actually his bright red skinned chest.

You let your gaze travel upward to find a handsome, red skinned face with amused gold eyes and see huge horns scraping the ceiling, the same colour as is hooves*

KM: Welcome Dr. Cutznstix. I am pleased that you consented to this meeting.

Dr C: Well Dear Lady, how could I refuse such a charming request to further the understanding of our world.

KM: Precisely. Will you acquaint us with the way that Devil Demons are born?

Dr C: *laughs* Dear Lady, Devil demons like myself are not born. We are created in a procedure that requires the utmost delicacy and dedication of the subject.

*gestures at himself*

Can you really see such a creature as myself being born of a female?

KM: Um… well, maybe not. So how are Devil Demons created?

Dr C:  Ah well, the precise process is a trade secret, however, I can give you a little information. Created from the willing flesh of an Arch Mage or High Necromancer, the transformation adds great physical strength to the other attributes the subject already has.

KM: Why are Devil Demons so violent?

Dr C: Not all of us are. Passive Devil Demons are rare. Even rarer are those who manage to control the violent side of their personalities, such as myself.

However, the transformation brings out latent abilities and often an aggressive violent side to the subject, that makes the resulting Devil Demon a danger to their own side, let alone the enemy. *he smiles*

KM: Are all Devil Demons so…well toned?

Dr C: Sadly, no. The physical attributes of a devil demon vary greatly, depending on the state of the subject before transformation.

Many applicants deliberately get themselves in shape before the process is performed, so that they might look at their best.

Occasionally the applicants feel that it is beneath them to actually sweat in the training room and very few of these make it through the procedure alive or whole.

KM: What is your greatest achievement in the Overlord’s Service?

Dr C: Ah… I shall leave that one for your readers to find out. Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

KM: What about your greatest Personal Achievement then?

Dr C: That would be the fact that I have retained my sanity. Most Devil Demons lose their minds during the lengthy Transformation Process, adding to their ability to kill anything placed in their path.

This is the main reason that Devil Demons are given their own suite of rooms within the Custodian’s Dungeon that they are assigned to and are locked in. They are just too dangerous to allow to run free.

KM: Thank you for your information and the honour of your presence, Dr. Cutznstix.

Dr C: No, thank you, dear lady for allowing me into the presence of someone so charming and learned. May I ask if you are free for a small tete a tete?

KM: Sorry, I must decline, despite the charming offer. I was told that you are to return to the Tower as soon as we have finished…*presses a button on the desk*… thank you again.

*There is a buzzing noise and a shimmering force field surrounds Dr. Citznstix. He looks disappointed, then sighs and shrugs.*

Dr C: I can understand your feelings in this matter… *he blows a kiss as he disappears*

Thank you for tuning in and I hope that this has been interesting. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go have a shower.