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Some thoughts about Guns…

TOH is playing Watchdogs. For the most part, he likes it because you can sneak around playing the game without hurting any of the civilian characters that are wandering around the city. There are puzzles and you can choose the way you play so that you become a Vigilante rather than Terrorist (the opposite end… Continue reading Some thoughts about Guns…

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Thoughts and Ramblings: Respect

Respect. It’s an odd word. There’s so many people using it and sometimes I wonder if they know what it means. Hell, sometimes I don’t even know what it means, and I’m a writer. I should know what words mean… but sometimes the English Language stumps me and I have to turn to the old… Continue reading Thoughts and Ramblings: Respect

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Feature Friday: Inspiration Station

For a couple of weeks now, I have been using a piece of software intended to help motivation, inspiration and other aspects of everyday life. It's called MindBloom and I've actually enjoyed playing with it. For it is self improvement in the form of a Game. The official explanation is this: Mindbloom Incorporated is a… Continue reading Feature Friday: Inspiration Station