The end is nigh… and it’s not in the doldrums!

It’s all right, I haven’t suddenly become a Prophet… I’m talking about “The Tower and The Eye”!!


In the last  few months, the first four novellas have been gone over with a fine tooth comb, had all the problems pulled, adjusted and reinserted with surgical precision.  My editor went over book five and pronounced it not too bad… just needed a few tweaks…. and now that’s almost done, I’m allowing myself a moment or two to pat myself on the back.

I’ll get back to you with a release date etc when I know for certain  – we’re hoping that it will be next month!!

In the meantime, I’m going to do a bit of promoting of my other books. They’ve been languishing in the doldrums (not literally – I’m not at sea…) for the last few months. I had four sales through last month and two of those got returned (I hate that ability) so they deserve to have some love showered upon them.

The first one to show some love to is…

The Heir of the Dragon

Turn a city upside down and shake it – what falls out?

The Treaty that binds the Vampires, Werewolves, Humans and the rarely seen True Dragons is over 1000 years old. It provides stability and safety for all the citizens of the city of Te Ling. Triads and Yakuza are not welcome here and Tourism flourishes amongst the bright lights, Night clubs, Temples and leisure facilities.

But many lights cast a multitude of shadows and they just get darker as you get deeper. Li is as deep into the darkness as you can get: cop by day, shadow by night, he eats and drinks the lifeblood of the city. A threat to the current Te Ling Triang Leader is a threat to the City and The Black Dragon cannot be risked. Li is handed the responsibility of tracking down and removing the threat…preferably permanently .

You can read an excerpt of it on Baby-Boar House,  so I won’t add one here. While you’re over there, take a look at the other book excerpts available; every single author on the site is trying their hardest to produce books to entertain you, so at least take a moment to read about the books!

What I will add here, though are the buy links for “The Heir of The Dragon” –

Amazon UK
Amazon US

If you do decide to pick it up, would you please do me the honour and the favour of reviewing it please? Post a review on whatever site that you buy it from – this makes it more attractive to the site’s other browsers and could possibly help me by inspiring a sale!

And do you know what sales do? They keep my cats in the style which they have become accustomed to!


And Finally…

I want to put together another book of short stories, but what I’d like to do is get some reader input.  I want you to challenge me!

So from now until 31st July 2015, I am asking my readers to give me a prompt. Those prompts chosen for the book will get written and the reader who posed it will be mentioned in the introduction to the story, as well as get a free PDF / ebook copy.

To enter, just comment on this blog post or on my Facebook Author page with the following information:

1) Name of the main character – can be yours or a friend’s or just made up; just remember if you use your own or a friend’s it will only be the name being used; the rest of the character will come out of my mind…

2) A place – doesn’t have to be real, a ten word description will do.

3) An object – feel free to get crazy with this…

4) A Genre – I’ll attempt anything; it’s good practice!

5) A Colour – Why the colour? Well, I’m going to call the book “A Rainbow of Inspiration”, so this will help me put the story into the right place in the book.

I will include a minimum of seven stories in the book, however, depending on how many prompts I get and how inspired I am by them, I may go as high as twenty one stories. If I have a lot of prompts, I may even do a second volume…

So don’t be shy – have a go!

100 Days to be Happy: Sunshine

I live in the UK. Yup, that’s right, I live in lovely, rainy Britain.  In fact I live in Wales and for some odd reason, the rain here is an awful lot wetter than it was when I lived in Plymouth or even when I lived in Suffolk. There always seems to be a lot more of it as well.

You remember that bit in MIB II? Where K is talking to Laura? This bit:

Agent K: When you get sad it, always seems to rain.

Laura: Lots of people get sad when it rains!

Agent K: It rains because you’re sad, baby.

Anyway, the amount of rain we get here during the autumn, winter and spring tends to knock my mood right down. So when it’s sunny, my mood picks up.

Right now, it’s cool and breezy but it’s also bright and sunny with a blue sky that seems to go on forever. It’s the sort of weather that I love, that I deliberately keep my computer next to the window for, that makes me want to just laugh and celebrate.

The colours of the world brighten and the music of nature is louder when the sun is out. I can write more; I have a longer anger fuse and a thicker skin and I eat less. Everything and everyone seems happier. There are more smiles and laughter on the breeze.

So #3 on my 100 days to be happy list? Sunshine.

Why? Because when it rains, sunshine brings out the Rainbow.

100 days to be Happy…

I thought I’d have a go at this one. I’ve seen other people do it, but I’ve never really considered doing it myself… until the other day when I had a sudden Pit of Despair open up under me like a sink-hole in mining country.

Anyway, I decided that I needed to remind myself of all the good things I have in my life, so doing the 100 day Happiness Challenge would be a good idea.

So my very first thing to be happy about is… MY CHILDREN

The Kids

The Kids

This is the latest (and best picture) I have of my three.

Number One Son is 13 and has an odd knack of hiding when the camera is around; it’s very difficult to get him to stay still for a picture, let alone look happy and natural at the same time!

Princess Talkative by contrast, is too easy to photograph – there’s a girl who knows how to get into the limelight! She’s 9 and currently trying to persuade me to pay for Stage School lessons.

Princess Wriggles is the youngest. She’s six months old and is one of the smiliest babies I’ve ever come across… she’s also the screechiest and wriggliest.

Between them, they’ve given me some heart stopping scares – NOS walked out of school because he didn’t like the teacher and came home… when he was 8!
They’ve given me loads of flushed cheeks – most notably when PT told me she’d bruised her bottom and pulled her skirt up on the playground to show me.
They’ve made me angry for various reasons, too numerous to count and they’ve made me sad when I’ve realised how fast they’ve grown up and how little time I have left with them as children.

Most of all, they have made me happy. They’ve made me laugh and wonder and enjoy life anew almost every day. So today I’m celebrating them and the happiness and magic they give me.