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How do you make your writing unputdownable? How do you make readers fall in love with your characters or the world they are in? How do you make the reader want to spend time with the story you have written? In short, how do you make Readers want to read your books? As a writer,… Continue reading How??!!

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The Languages of Tolkien and other communications

While I'm writing, especially in a Quargard story, I need to render a spell from English into a different language. Normally the character I am using is elvish, so I use the languages invented by Papa Tolkien himself to create the spell. That's when I'll go to a site like this -  alphaDictionary * Free… Continue reading The Languages of Tolkien and other communications

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Wool, Grapefruit and the World…

You do strange things when you’re pregnant. I just spent three quarters of an hour trying to section a red grapefruit because I was fed up of having to dig the sections out and leaving so much fruit behind… I guess I thought that sectioning it would be easier; peel the fruit, cut out the… Continue reading Wool, Grapefruit and the World…