Sunday thoughts.

Its dark and damp this Sunday.

Last Sunday it was bright, breezy and sunny. A proper summer Sunday meant for going out and visiting family, enjoying the beach, eating out or having a picnic.

It’s not like that this Sunday.

Today it is raining. A proper thick autumnal rain, the sort that gets you soaked the moment you step out and makes you glad to get back indoors to a cup of tea and a large slice of victoria sponge.

It’s good weather for fish, ducks, geese and writers.

Why writers?

Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I always feel slightly guilty when its sunny and I’m writing. I shouldn’t, but I do. I should be out playing with my kids, blowing bubbles, eating ice cream and enjoying the weather. When its raining, I don’t have to worry about all that and I can just get on with allowing all the characters in my head free rein to recreate themselves on the screen in front of me.

Currently I am working on a Short Story collection. I’ll be going Indie with this one and I want it to be the best I can, so I’m trying to make sure I tick all the boxes as I go along. This has necessitated a lot more work than I anticipated when I put the original manuscript together.

First I sent the original six or so stories in the collated MS to a beta reader. She sent them back with a few editing suggestions which I took on board. Then I took a look at the few story collections I have on my shelves. Some of these are anthologies, some are collections from a single author, but they all have one thing in common – there are more stories than my original MS had.

So I added a few more stories,  started editing them… found one that needed re-writing and ever since then, I have been working on that.

A good day’s work actually and as long as I finish the story before tuesday I’ll be happy.

So I’m off to do just that… Toodles!

>Spring in Rhoose.


We’ve had some beautiful weather recently – it makes it a little difficult to imagine the Volcano in Iceland, but I’m enjoying it all the more for that reason.

Walking the kids to and from school has been inspiring – I’ve written two poems in three days!

I thought you might like to see them.


Spring Sunshine

The humble fuzzy bumble bee,

Buzzing ‘round the flowering tree.

Sipping Nectar here and there,

Delivering pollen everywhere.

The elegant fluttering butterfly,

Hovers o’er flowers nearby,

Delicately tasting from each bloom,

Feeling no need to rush or zoom.

As the sunshine brings the sky to life,

Stop to look and forget your strife.

Remember peace is always near,

When you stop to look and hear.


Spring Colours

Green tipped brown,

Reaches to blue.

Gold smiles down,

At white peeping through.

Yellow and pink,

Compete for the eye.

Red wins the day,

Looking up at the sky.


I hope that you like them and they give you a sense of what I see when I wander about the village.

My Photography skills aren’t the best and I have an old digital camera that doesn’t get the fine detail properly, no matter what I do with Photoshop!

I love spring sunshine and sea air – the scent of the salt in the wind brings back memories of my childhood and relaxes me almost as much as sitting on the sea shore.

I wish I had a laptop so that I could find a warm sheltered spot in the sunshine and write outside. I’m sure that I would get a lot more done!

I hope that you’re enjoying spring where you are… what is it like for you?