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I’m lost for words…

... which believe me is a little unusual for an author! Just recently I have been feeling more than a little lost. My writing has been slow and getting words onto a page has been like pulling teeth. It's the reason I haven't posted anything here for a while; every word I can muster has… Continue reading I’m lost for words…

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Ancient History, Cake and Time Travel

I sometimes forget that there was once a world without the technological miracle / horror that is the Internet and Computers.  I work with it every day and it sucks up large tracts of my time... ...hmm, maybe that's what The Internet lives on,  the time that it sucks out of its users... ...there might… Continue reading Ancient History, Cake and Time Travel

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It's here, it's finally here! *dances around the room*   That's right, THE TOWER AND THE EYE has been let loose upon the world of ebooks!!! AND.... On Facebook right now, there's a party going on! Yup, I'm having a launch party!! *Can you tell I'm excited?* So if you're on Facebook why don't you… Continue reading WWWWWWOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!