Choose Or Die

Ladles and Jellyspoons – the very first chapter of Choose or Die, Season 5 is up!

Blazing Saddles, Smoking Tentacles – is it a Western or is it Science Fiction? Or is it something else?…

 You come and help us find out by reading the posted chapter and voting for the choice that best represents the direction you want us to take the story in.

Choose or Die – the story where the reader can really choose the ending…

Choose Or Die.

The Languages of Tolkien and other communications

While I’m writing, especially in a Quargard story, I need to render a spell from English into a different language. Normally the character I am using is elvish, so I use the languages invented by Papa Tolkien himself to create the spell.

That’s when I’ll go to a site like this – 

alphaDictionary * Free Tolkien Languages Dictionary – Free Tolkien Languages Grammar

Sometimes I might take a leaf out of J K Rowling’s book and write everything backward … Mirror of Erised anyone?

Occasionally, I’ll turn to the Celtic languages for inspiration, so you might find a jumble of Welsh, Irish or Gaelic making an appearance.

I apologise to speakers of those languages for the mangling I put them through… it’s all Google Translate’s fault you know…

And just sometimes I may even combine all three… you never know what I am going to do to make sure the spell sounds particularly mystic…

The Blabbermouth Magazine Issue 1 – Wattpad


Issue One

Yes, Ladles and Jellyspoons, I’m back in the magazine business…

No, I’m not running it this time – so, no sending me stories or things to publish – I don’t have enough time to write my own stuff (the baby is taking all that up) let alone publish other peoples!

This time, I am but a lowly columnist, writing book reviews for the magazine to publish.

Feel free to pop over and read through. It’s only little at the moment, but I am sure that will soon improve. Enjoy!

The Blabbermouth Magazine Issue 1 – Wattpad.