And one more makes four…

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The GIF above is rolling through all the Tower & Eye books published so far. If you watch carefully, you’ll notice a new cover in at position 4…

Yes, that’s right. The Harp of Aleth has finally made it into e-format! Here’s the full cover (the covers on the GIF are truncated because of the website I used to make it with) –

Harp 1200x800

Isn’t it pretty? I’ll post the links below…

Elizabeth Bank at Selestiele Designs really does know how to make a good cover! They’re bold and eye catching with just the right amount of colour and the perfect finish. I can fully recommend her services – she has created all the covers so far, the header to the official TTATE facebook page, and a few more things that are currently under wraps. Versatile should be her middle name… *grins*

There is one more novella to go – it now has a Title : “The Tower and The Eye: Nightbringer” and hopefully there will be a cover to go with it some time this year. I’m currently writing the first draft of the story; which is considerably longer than the first four already… I am also planning an omnibus edition of the TTATE series that will come in two distinct flavours.

The first will be a normal book – available through E-book and Print. The second will be only available in Print because I am going to include a number of added extras – dungeon and geographic maps, character illustrations, heraldic designs and possibly an extra story. It will defintiely be in paperback, but I may be doing a hard back edition as well.

 So keep your eyes open for that one…

I am also publishing the TTATE novellas in Print individually.  Currently, TTATE #1 “A Beginning” is the only one available – I’ll post the links below.
If you want a signed and dedicated copy of any of the print books I have published, contact me through the TTATE Facebook Page or my Author Facebook page .

So here are the links that you’ll need –

Beginning 300 x 200

The stories of the Black Tower War keep the children of the four kingdoms in check. Adults consider them to be only stories, but stories are sometimes true and they always go around in cycles…

A mad King rules in Galivor. His sons vie for the right to become his official heir. While the youngest, Korin, chases the bandits plaguing the land, Loric sets out to plunder an abandoned dungeon.

Print Format $5.99 / £3.60

Harp 1200x800

Yet another border skirmish with the Franierens has forced the Elves to send Lady Julissa Alethdan to hunt for the Harp of Aleth, a magical harp capable of healing the most tormented of souls and calming the fury of battle into peace.

Accompanied by two of her lifelong friends,  Julissa enlists the aid of Tavia of Fron and the Blood Mage Joran to retrieve the Harp from the dormant dungeon in the Frazin Mines.

This should be an easy task – after all the dungeon was cleansed over a hundred years ago…

E – Book Format $2.99 / £1.84


Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

I hope you enjoy!

Writing—So Easy a Caveman Can Do It

My other half told me to get a real job when I announced I was going to write for a living… *snorts*… pot calling the kettle black, methinks – he’s an Illustrator / struggling Artist!

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Original image via Flickr Creative Commons courtesy of Sodanie Chea Original image via Flickr Creative Commons courtesy of Sodanie Chea

Recently a Facebook friend shared a post with me regarding Indie Musicians versus Indie Authors. It appears our culture has a fascination and reverence for the Indie Musician whereas Indie Authors face an immediate stigma. We authors have to continually prove ourselves, whereas musicians don’t (at least not in the same way). My friend seemed perplexed, but to me it’s very simple.

We’re not even going to address the flood of “bad” books. Many writers rush to publish before they’re ready, don’t secure proper editing, etc. But I feel the issue is deeper and it reflects one of the many challenges authors face and always will.

People give automatic respect to a musician because not everyone can play an instrument or sing. Simple. It’s clear that artist can do something many cannot.

As writers, we have an insidious enemy. People…

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Garage Art Studios!: HELP STAN SAKAI!

For nearly 30 years, Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo has set a high-water mark for creator-owned comics.

The Vicious Bunny (as those who are members of Banyu Hatten Aikido will know) is one of the mascots of the BHA and much loved.

Now that Mrs Sakai is so ill, the comics industry is rallying round to help support her care. Pop over to this website to help a true genius in his hour of need…

Garage Art Studios!: HELP STAN SAKAI!.