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My Author Heroes: Neil Gaiman

This is hopefully the start of a regular series of posts on the writers that I love and look up to. Some of them are well known, some of them independent, but all of them come highly reccomended. At the end of each post, I will add a link to the author's blog and any… Continue reading My Author Heroes: Neil Gaiman

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The Muse – Illusive but friendly…

Every Writer has one of these Creatures sat on your shoulder. As do Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Crafters, Cooks... any creative pursuit attracts the Muse. So what on earth are they? Muse Species There are the species that I (personally) have encountered: The Pen Muse This is the muse that is attracted to Writers. It can look… Continue reading The Muse – Illusive but friendly…

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100 Days to Be Happy: Writing

I suppose you'd think this would turn up earlier in my countdown, but strangely it wasn't the first thing that I thought of when I thought about things that make me happy. Possibly because at the moment, my writing is causing me a little stress. Yes, I understand that you're shocked at such an occurrence,… Continue reading 100 Days to Be Happy: Writing