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Anthologies… are such wonderful books!

There are many good things about Anthologies. They are created for all sorts of reasons and can be a good way to discover new writers, because that's often how new writers first get published. There's nothing like the thrill of getting your very first story accepted to be part of a book - it's almost… Continue reading Anthologies… are such wonderful books!

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Feature Friday…

...what is it? Well, actually it's Show and Tell day, when I acquaint you with something I have found (on the net or otherwise) and give you a few salient factoids about the object/website/picture etc, etc. So, what am I going to show you? * * * * * One of my favourite  EVER Google… Continue reading Feature Friday…

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Words to Music eBook

You may recall a while back that I was involved in a collaboration on a book of short stories for charity. The book was called "Words to Music" and involved a whole slew of writers from Authonomy in the creation and execution of the anthology. Originally, brought out in paper back, the tireless and stupendous… Continue reading Words to Music eBook