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A New Adventure Awaits!!

The Land Far Away is a series that is very close to my heart. It's gentle, full of adventure and fun, but the stories always seem to have a meaning. However, the reasons that LFA is special to me are manifold... Firstly is this character's story - Pika the Phluph and The Gribblebid Tough was… Continue reading A New Adventure Awaits!!

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Satyulemas is coming…

Mid-Winter is a tricky time of year for me. Firstly there's all that nonsense about Christmas being warred upon. People get up in arms about the strangest of things - who really cares what sort of paper cups that Starbucks is using? It's annoying and amusing at the same time. Then there's all the hoo-har… Continue reading Satyulemas is coming…

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The end of a dry spell?

Over Christmas 2014, I was feeling quite down; partially because of the weather and partially because it didn't look like anyone liked my writing anymore. It set off a case of "Writer's Doldrums" and in keeping with tradition,  I self medicated with chocolate, wine and duvet days. Then came January 2015 and I resolved to… Continue reading The end of a dry spell?