There comes a point in an author / editor’s life when it’s nice to know you’re wanted.

It usually happens to me every month when I put out the webzine and wonder why on earth I’m stressing over the work of a bunch of people who are (figuratively) strangers to me.

So I’m starting this Testimonials page today (7th Feb 2012) and this is where I will come to buck myself up. I’ll post nice comments and thank you’s from writers who I publish as Welcome to Wherever’s Editor and I’ll also post any good reviews and comments I get when I start getting them!

* * *

Welcome to Wherever Webzine

A Thank You
I’ve never been published before in my life,
A surprise to me, and more so, to the wife,
She said,”Its like getting pregnant,
what on earth have you done?”
“Some one’s taken seriously, what you poked in fun” – G. C-W, WTW Feb 2012 Edition

* * *

The Necklace of Harmony

The first ever review for my short story collection!

“If you have ever asked, while reading one of your favorite authors, “How do they come up with this stuff?” “The Necklace of Harmony” is a great opportunity to find out. Kira Morgana – a tremendously versatile and gifted writer – presents a sampling of stories in a variety of styles and sci fi/fantasy sub-genres, each accompanied by a story behind the story. Not only do you get to enjoy some wonderful and absorbing tales, but you also get to peek into the author’s mind that brought them forth.

A magical delightful collection through and through, and definitely a re-reader.” – M.K., Amazon.com

* * *

“This is an exquisite collection of stories even for someone like me who rarely reads fantasy. The author shows the breadth and depth of the genre with this collection and and may have won me as a convert to the cause. My particular favourite was ‘Blossom and Kitsune’ an enchanting tale of the Japanese myths of the causes of earthquakes. A new experience for me and a very pleasant one.” – Mr. Patrick Barrett, Amazon.co.uk

* * *

“As a writer myself, it’s always interesting to see the ‘nuts & bolts’ of another writers work, so I enjoyed the introductions that the writer gave to each of these stories. But quite apart from that, this is a marvellous collection, combining a vivid and wide-ranging imagination with an adroit use of words. Every story I read had me thinking “That was the best one!” – until I came to ‘Breaking the Spell’ which I finally decided was my favourite – brilliantly conceived, beautifully crafted, atmospheric and poignant. But a lot of the others come close, and they all carry with them that sense of wonder, that touch of wild magic, which makes for great fantasy!”
– Paul T., Amazon.co.uk
* * *

The Tower and The Eye: A Beginning

“Have you ever read something filled with images so evocative that you could literally see them as clearly as you do the surrounding reality? To me, such is the writing of Kira Morgana. Her environments are expansive, exquisitely detailed and possess limitless variety. She is as fearless with her characters and story lines as she is with her settings. They are many, they are wonderfully alive, powerful and flawed at the same time, they overlap, they interact, they diverge, creating an often complex and very involved but unfailingly enjoyable conglomeration.

My favorite part about Kira Morgana’s writing is that she avoids one of the major pitfalls observed in the work of some much more experienced writers. She is equally generous in settings, descriptions and details with both her positive characters and those that are far less than lovable. A profoundly creepy scene involving the Dark Overlord and his talking jar is portrayed just as carefully and diligently as the beautiful Lady Cleric ordering a glass of exquisite magical wine during the first major hero gathering.

The first instalment in “The Tower and the Eye” series is a profoundly captivating tale and I, for one, am looking forward to the sequel.” – M.K., Amazon.com

* * *

“It’s immediately obvious, reading this book, that the author is steeped in dungeons and dragons and all the stories of that type. You’ll recognise the players, if not the plot. Sure, you don’t need to have a crystal ball to work out there’s a nod to Middle Earth here. But I doubt if Sauron had a talking jar. This is a fun, action-packed little story which sets the scene for the rest of the series. I enjoyed the ride and will come back for more.” – Greta van der Rol

* * *

“The Tower & the Eye is a wonderful journey into high fantasy, where magic dungeons present impossible tests on a team of heroes. If you like that sort of thing, and I do, then buy this at once and find yourself in another world in which the extraordinary is the norm. Loved it” – John Booth

* * *

“This is a great fun story. The author admits she set out to recapture all the tension and atmosphere of role-playing games such as D&D. This she does exceedingly well. You can almost hear the multi-sided die guiding her hand as she takes you on an adventure full of thrills and surprises.” – Paul Freeman
* * *

“Kira Morgana wields fantasy archetypes with a deft hand, weaving a world that you can be sure exists in some other reality, yet echoes through our own wakeaday world. This fantasy epic is off to an excellent beginning. The characters are well-drawn, the plot is well-paced, and the result is a delicious fantasy in the sword and sorcery tradition. Not to be missed.” – PD Allen “Author of Quantum Meditations”

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