Author & Muse: Muses (Part Two)

A dragon in sheep’s clothing… hmm… there might be a story in that!

A&M Story #6 has landed!

In case you didn’t know, I am a huge fan of animated movies and this is a direct nod to one of my favourite disney characters… as well as a sad sigh for one of my favourite comedians of all time…

I now know what the competition is going to be and what some of the prizes are going to be… but I’m not going to tell you yet!

Keep your eyes open for more news soon…

Author & Muse: Muses (Part One)

Some days it’s hard to get started…

Sorry I haven’t been posting much – this is A&M #5 and as I was checking the dates on my files, I realised that I haven’t posted anything on the blog for a whole week!

The main reason for this is that I have become really excited and interested in my Art Class Project. That actually started out as being Author & Muse, but morphed over time – I get bored and distracted easily (that’s why I have so many muses) and between Puff, Salvador and Stardust, my Art Project has become a children’s lift-the-flap book.

Sadly, there will only ever be one copy of it because I can’t afford to get a proper Printer / Publisher to make them to sell. However, once it’s into the final construction stage, I’ll put up a video of the pages at the very least… I might even do a narrated version of it, just for fun!

So when I start talking about the Snore-a-saurus, you’ll know what I am talking about….

Author & Muse: Get Busy… and other News!

I don’t just argue with my Muses…

Here’s #4 in the Author & Muse Stories – funny thing is, that this series started out (in concept) as being a “Brain & Body” series… except that I adore the Awkward Yeti and really didn’t want to step on his toes!

So I morphed it into being about more than my struggles between my brain and body. A&M #4 is the last remaining link to that original concept and was the most difficult thing to work out how to draw so far.

I have over 30 of these stories to illustrate, the first 18 are already drawn and inked in my main sketchbook, they just need colour…
But because I do everything by hand (as opposed to digital) it takes me a week to do one whole page from blank page to finished colour!


I’m thinking about doing a Midsummer Competition, so I was wondering what sort of prizes people might like to recieve. I also haven’t figured out exactly what the competition would be about yet, so keep an eye on this page for further news…

Comment below if you have any thoughts on either matter!