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The Latest Incarnation of the Doctor.

Now that everyone has had time to think about the announcement of Jodie Whitaker being the next actor to play Dr.  Who, I'm going to put my thoughts out there... I think it is absolutely brilliant casting on the part of the BBC. They've been working up to this for years and it's finally coming… Continue reading The Latest Incarnation of the Doctor.

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Musings on The Doctor…

... and don't tell me that you don't know Who or what  I'm talking about - I mention that I'm a Whovian often enough...  Ahem.. Anyhoo, I actually managed to book a dr's appt for tomorrow afternoon via the automated phone service (miracles will never cease) and because I was doing it on Speakerphone, my Fiance… Continue reading Musings on The Doctor…

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The Doctor and The TARDIS

D'ya know that feeling when you have a loose tooth and you can't help wiggling it? I've had that feeling for a while now - every time I talk about Dr Who or watch the show, my mind drifts back to the story I wrote in 2008 and I wonder where on Gallifrey I have… Continue reading The Doctor and The TARDIS