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100 Days to be Happy: Sunshine

I live in the UK. Yup, that's right, I live in lovely, rainy Britain.  In fact I live in Wales and for some odd reason, the rain here is an awful lot wetter than it was when I lived in Plymouth or even when I lived in Suffolk. There always seems to be a lot… Continue reading 100 Days to be Happy: Sunshine

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100 Days to be Happy: Breathing

Yes, I know it's an odd thing to be happy about, but it's very much on my mind today. It's raining, which always puts me in a sour mood, the baby keeps screeching no matter what I do and I'm so tired that all I want to do is crash out for a couple of… Continue reading 100 Days to be Happy: Breathing

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The Qualities of Silence.

Have you ever been somewhere that is so quiet that you can hear your own heartbeat? Have you ever just sat outside and listened to the world breathe? When was the last time you turned off all the electronics in the house and listened to the house move? Silence. It's an odd place. Your own… Continue reading The Qualities of Silence.