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There was a Vote…

Please Note: this might not make a great deal of sense; I'm more than a little tired today. It wasn’t legally binding – it was up to Parliament if they decided to follow the result with negotiations. If the result had gone the other way, they still could have decided to take us out. Or… Continue reading There was a Vote…

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Politics: Why I feel that those at the top don’t care.

Warning - this is a long post.     It contains my opinions about BRITISH POLITICS.  NOT American Politics / the American Election. So if you aren't in the UK and aren't interested in what we do here, I'd move on and find something else to read. Should you be trying to avoid the UK Election,… Continue reading Politics: Why I feel that those at the top don’t care.

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Thoughts and Ramblings: Respect

Respect. It’s an odd word. There’s so many people using it and sometimes I wonder if they know what it means. Hell, sometimes I don’t even know what it means, and I’m a writer. I should know what words mean… but sometimes the English Language stumps me and I have to turn to the old… Continue reading Thoughts and Ramblings: Respect