The Journey Begins… and a new Idea.

Well, now I am officially a Pfoxchase Author, I suppose I ought to get on with finishing the stories!


Or at least that was the idea when I went to bed last night. Puff it seems had other ideas. I had a bout of insomnia and when I did manage to get to sleep, I started dreaming.

It was a good dream – really cinematic and in full colour with me and TOH as the MC’s. There were tunnels and magic and dragons and a school that we kept playing hooky from.  Then there was a big ceremony and a fight with the headmistress. I destroyed her by making her sink into the Magma Layer of the Earth’s Crust.

I woke up this morning and I had to get it down on paper… to the point of making the kids late for school, because I needed to get the main points down. So after they left the house, I hit the PC and settled down to broaden the points, get a back story and a timeline… by 11 am, I had it all down.

I put the concept up on FB notes to get an idea of if the story has legs… and it seems it does.

Here’s the Pitch for you to look at… it’s all you’re getting mind, so no screaming at me.

The Return of The Magicians

Magic is a Crime. Magicians are marked at birth and segregated. Failed Magicians are refused the right to reproduce. To have Magic is to be a shame to your family.

Two young Magicians join forces with the Queen of Britain to end the Tyranny and Genocide. Will they succeed? Time and a bit of magic will tell…

TTATE comes first.

I have a contract for that and all my other WIP are on hold until my Editor…I love that phrase… MY EDITOR*shivers with delight*  is happy with TTATE  for publication.

I might do some background stories for “The Return of The Magicians”  and finish “Angel’s Crown” as a rest from the hard work of producing a book, but other than that, nothing else is going forward…

I sort of feel sorry for the characters. They’re clamouring in my head for release and I have to be hard and not let them out.

*smiles sadly and closes down the new WIP Folder for later*

Now, on with TTATE!



The Idea’s Man Strikes Back…

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know that my Fiancé (forever referred to online as The Other Half, aka TOH) is incredibly creative. He’s a talented artist and is currently doing an Art, Design and Multimedia course at our local college.

So, after my Zumba adventure this morning (you’ll have to read the Editor’s Blog on Welcome to Wherever to find out about that) I sat down to write about it. TOH is sat at the dining room table beside me, trying to do his coursework.

This particular piece of coursework is for a Movie poster, so as well as coming up with the artwork, he has to have a title and tagline.  He’s sat there, doodling character faces and thinking about the tagline while I am typing my Editor’s blog post.

“Aha!” He said. “How about:  All he wanted was a bit of help… what he got was divine trouble,  for a tagline?

“What’s the title?” I asked absently, trying to get my thoughts in order with my notes.



My copywriter’s brain kicks in.

“It doesn’t fit the tagline.  What’s the story line you’re trying to show?”

“Well, there’s this middle school kid who is having trouble with his grades and he prays for help, and the angel who comes down to help him isn’t very good and is trying to pass a test…”

“Woah! This sounds all very anime.”

“It’s supposed to be, that’s where I’m going with the poster idea.”

We batted a couple of different titles around and he settled on Angel?…Maybe, then wrote it in his book. We started talking about storylines and things; just to give him an idea about what he could include on his poster.


Puff flies in and swipes me across the back of the head with a book idea…

“Hang on, let me get this down.”

The ideas and characters start flying around the room between us. Puff gets hit by a low flying character and decides that it would be a good idea to find somewhere out of the way to perch.

Finally, I have all the characters, the main plot and two separate sub plots roughed out in my book.

He’s always doing this to me. Sometimes it’s helpful – when I’m trying to write a particular scene or I’m stuck with where to go next.  However, when I’m trying to work on something that I’ve already got a certain distance with, giving me ideas like that isn’t a good thing. Most of the time I forget about them and they disappear, back to Dreamland.

This time I have an entire concept in front of me and I’m trying very hard to ignore it so I can get on with my sword and sorcery series. I can see it being a difficult proposition though; TOH is forging ahead, creating the characters for his poster and I’m having one of those I have a new idea and I want to write it moments…

Thanks Puff…