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The Muse – Illusive but friendly…

Every Writer has one of these Creatures sat on your shoulder. As do Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Crafters, Cooks... any creative pursuit attracts the Muse. So what on earth are they? Muse Species There are the species that I (personally) have encountered: The Pen Muse This is the muse that is attracted to Writers. It can look… Continue reading The Muse – Illusive but friendly…

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The Lessons of Failure

  Failure is a word that doesn't get much positive use these days, except in snappy articles with titles like "How to avoid failing at..." along with "10 ways to avoid Failure." and so forth. Inevitably, my post is going to get lumped into those results, but I'm not going to talk about how to… Continue reading The Lessons of Failure

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The Search for Headspace.

I watched a TED talk the other day by Ken Robinson - the one  on the link below in fact... I'll let you watch it for a moment before I go on... One point sticks out.. well more than one, but this particular one is peculiarly applicable to me personally - "There's something curious… Continue reading The Search for Headspace.