A New Place…

I’m forever thinking and writing the thoughts down. Most of these words never see the light of day. Sometimes they’re thrown into the melee that is Facebook. They’re often random and odd thoughts.

In fact these things are the reason I have the category “Random Thoughts and Ramblings” on the blog because when I let the thoughts free on here, I never know what subject they’re going to be.

Now I have a new place for my Randomness… Medium.

I often read various articles on there and wonder at the eloquence of the writers. It can be an intimidating place sometimes – so many stunning writers who seem to toss out brilliant articles that get snapped up by various media to use as content.

I’ve spent hours reading and wondering if I could join in… then I realised, of course I could. The people I read on there are just writers like me and they have the same doubts and problems with their work that I do.

So I did.

This is my profile – https://medium.com/@mandyward_96302 – if you fancy keeping an eye on what I’m writing over there.

Author Identity Crisis…

Meet one of my favourite artists… click the picture and visit his website…

*grins* That headline makes it sound so dramatic…

It’s not a true identity crisis of course… it’s one of those where my author identity is clashing with the real life me. I have two Pen names – Kira Morgana and A. E. Churchyard – but they don’t get  much notice to be honest.

If you google Kira Morgana, you get  404,000 results. Only the first page (the important one really) will have exact results from me. There will be others scattered through the next 3 pages – mostly because Kira Morgana is the main focus for my publishing.  Any others will be about other people.T
This is completely normal when you’re what the Publishing Industry & HMRC calls a “Hobbyist” Author.

Why do they call me that? Well, it’s because I don’t earn enough money off my books to live on. *eye roll*

If I google A. E. Churchyard, I get 354,000 results. On that one  only the first page will be about me. Again, that’s the important page, but the reason there aren’t many other posts is that Churchyard is less prolific (she’ll have a few more if I can manage to get them edited and get covers…) and tends to deal with darker subjects.

If you google my real name – Mandy Ward – you get everyone and anyone other than me…

This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Good – it means that I can go for Teaching Interviews without my writing being discovered unless I want to mention it.  This was the whole reason that I started in publishing using pen names. I have a private life this way… not that it’s all that necessary – I don’t exactly have paparazzi wanting to find me to take my picture… *grins*

Bad – I am on a lot of social media as myself. If you become friends with me on Facebook for example, you aren’t friends with Kira Morgana or A. E. Churchyard,  you’re friends with Mandy Ward.
The problem with that, is that if other Publishing Industry people are trying to contact me and they know me from facebook, they don’t tend to know my pen names.
Also, when I mention to a friend that I write and publish books, they tend to look me up through my real name… which doesn’t exist in Publishing (well, unless you go right back to my first publications as a teenager) and then they can’t find my books.

It’s a tricky subject.

Time to find the Scales…

As a writer, I spend a lot of time trawling the internet, reading newspaper sites and trying my best to discern the true stories from the false.

At the moment, I’m reading a lot about the American Election (One of the side effects of being Facebook friends with a lot of Americans) and one thing that has hit me recently is how unbalanced their society is. There is no peace – everyone appears to be at war with everyone else.

You have the minorities fighting the establishment to be heard and to be allowed to live their lives without being persecuted.
You have women fighting against men for the right to earn the same amount of money and to be able to walk down the street without being assaulted by words or hands.
You have the Sick fighting against the Insurance companies to be able to get well.
You have the Third Party Groups fighting against the Political System to be able to even sit in the halls of power and represent their supporters.
You have the Poor fighting to keep a roof over their heads while the Rich don’t seem to care about anything than their money and those in the middle are fighting to stay out of poverty and to join the Rich…

There is no balance, just fighting.

I know I’ve generalised, but it’s more like a summary of what I’ve seen…

To be honest, I see this pattern all over the western world. Its as if we’ve forgotten that peace is possible. We need to bring the balance back. There needs to be peace in order to understand what we are fighting for; when you fight for too long, you forget how to live peacefully.

But How?