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Some thoughts about Guns…

TOH is playing Watchdogs. For the most part, he likes it because you can sneak around playing the game without hurting any of the civilian characters that are wandering around the city. There are puzzles and you can choose the way you play so that you become a Vigilante rather than Terrorist (the opposite end… Continue reading Some thoughts about Guns…

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100 Days to be Happy: Escapism

My house is stuffed full of Escapism. Everything from books through DVD's to console games. Just so we're clear, here's a definition from the Collins English Dictionary: noun 1. An inclination to or habit of retreating from unpleasant or unacceptable reality, as through diversion or fantasy This can be a good thing. Why? Well, The Dragon's Tower (my name for our house)  is too crowded for the number of people in it.… Continue reading 100 Days to be Happy: Escapism

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Why on earth have I put that in capitals? Well... for the first twenty odd years of my life, October was always full of excitement and anticipation for me. I'd spend the first 16 days of the month wondering what the 17th would be like; then on the 17th, I'd be happy and bouncy... ...until… Continue reading It’s OCTOBER!