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Some thoughts about Guns…

TOH is playing Watchdogs. For the most part, he likes it because you can sneak around playing the game without hurting any of the civilian characters that are wandering around the city. There are puzzles and you can choose the way you play so that you become a Vigilante rather than Terrorist (the opposite end… Continue reading Some thoughts about Guns…

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Monday Musing… My Family

Today is sunny, with a little wind, but because it's a Monday, it means I won't see TOH and the children until after school. To be honest, I'm rather glad of it. Not because I don't like my kids or my partner, but because after a weekend full of them, it's nice to have some… Continue reading Monday Musing… My Family

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The VFX Protest – what does it mean to us?

As a writer of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror stories, I allow my imagination to come alive. I pride myself on making sure that my work is as cinematic as possible... Hang on. Cinematic... what does that mean? Let's take a quick trip to the dictionary; just to make sure I'm using it in the… Continue reading The VFX Protest – what does it mean to us?