The Art of The Tower

The Tower and The Eye is set in a world that lives in my mind (yes, I know, it makes me sound rather odd) and one of my jobs as an author is to bring that world to life in the minds of my Readers.

However, I also dabble in Art and the world I created also pops up when I am drawing.

So I thought I would add a page to the TTATE section of my website, dedicated to the pictures that I (and others) come up with…

This first Gallery shows the designs of the cards that I gave out when TTATE: A Quintology was published in July. They went to the people who won various competitions at the launch party.

(Click on the Gallery to bring it up full size)

If you have read “The Tower and The Eye: A Quintology” and want to try your hand at doing some fan art, drop me a line when you’re done – I’ll be happy to feature it in my blog and add it to the Gallery!