Sometimes…Dreams come True. (Part Two)

“Dad?” the doctor took a hesitant step forward. “But I’m the only…”

“Only Time lord left?” she giggled and stood up. “You were once. But then you and Martha and Donna landed on Messaline and I was born.”

He looked more confused. “I did? When? Who is your Mother?”

She laughed. “You are.”

“What?” The doctor sat back down. “How?”

The girl rolled her eyes. “Not important at the moment.”

“It isn’t? What else is more important?” He asked as she rushed past him toward the console.

“Dad, you really are daft. Where’s the nearest mirror?” she paused on the console platform and looked back at him.

“In the Wardrobe room of course.” He said, standing up.

“Good, I’m boiling.” She looked down at the thick white fur coat and trousers and sturdy fur lined boots she wore. “This get up is great for the cold, not so good for warm. Which way?”

The doctor pointed to the spiral staircase that led down on the opposite side to the library stairs. She grinned at him and disappeared down them. “Come on then.”

The Doctor followed her slowly. “I’m confused. I don’t like being confused and I certainly don’t like being told what to do. What is going on?”

Music floated through the air around him. The doctor listened for a long moment and muttered “Family Man by Fleetwood Mac. I still don’t understand how it could happen though, I don’t remember getting married.” He rounded the last twist of the spiral and jumped down the last step.


The girl was nowhere to be seen, but the noise coming from the changing room in the centre suggested she was in there.

The doctor wandered across the room toward the couch which had appeared next to the triple mirror. He ran his hand across a black leather jacket, then a tweed one with patches on the elbows. A long brown coat and blue suit caught his attention and he stroked the soft wool of the coat for a moment.

Opposite the couch, a hat stand stood a Stetson and Fez competing for space with a Boater, a floppy broad brimmed hat and what looked like an old fashioned cricketer’s hat. The doctor paused by it and touched each of the hats, smiling warmly. “Hello, old friends.”

Then he blinked. “What’s this?” From the back of the stand he brought an Australian stockman’s hat. “Oh my. A new hat? Sexy, you shouldn’t have.”

“I can change the world / with my own two hands…” the TARDIS played.

“Jack Johnson? You’re getting soft now.” the doctor murmured moving over in front of the mirror, the hat in his hands, “But, yes, you can change the world.”

He placed the hat on his head, the neck strap dangling across his face and catching in his moustache. “It looks brilliant.” He turned his head, examining the hat from all angles, his deep brown eyes sparkling with joy. “Makes me look like Jude Law.” Then he glanced down at his body and shuddered. “Sadly it doesn’t go with eighteenth century fashion. I’d better get changed myself.”

The girl stuck her head out through the curtain around the changing room. “You can’t come in here, even if you are my dad.”

The doctor stared at her reflection in the mirror. “How come you get to have red hair? I’ve never come out of regeneration with red hair and I really want to be ginger at least once.”

The girl blew a long curly lock out of her face and absently examined her face in the mirror. “I look like an older version of that girl who played Wendy in Peter Pan. I had a serious crush on Jeremy Sumpter when I saw it at the premiere in London.” She giggled. “I even managed to kiss him!”

The doctor swung round. “And you’ve got blue green eyes! That’s not fair. You’re gorgeous and I’m just quirky.”

She rolled her eyes. “You just said you looked like Jude Law. Jude Law is one of the most beautiful men alive… well in the twenty-first century anyway.” She disappeared back behind the curtain.


The doctor moved along the racks of clothing, looking for the right outfit to go with his hat. He picked up the brown wool coat he’d stroked, then shook his head and put it back. “What’s your name then?” he called out. “You do have a name don’t you.”

“Of course I do. Donna gave it to me because I’m a generated anomaly of you.” She called back.

“So you’re Donna?” the doctor pulled a long wax coat from the rack and grinned. He laid it on a nearby chair and started hunting through the shirts. After a moment, he found a blue grey checked one and draped it over his shoulder, shuffled through a pile of trousers and dragged a dark blue pair out.

“No.” the girl sounded muffled and exasperated. “Donna called me Jenny. Generated, Jenny. Get it?”

“I’m not stupid you know.” The doctor finished picking his clothing and looked around. “Are you finished in there yet?”

Jenny emerged from the curtains in black cargo pants, a tight fitting white t-shirt and a biker jacket. She wandered over to a wall of shoes and started looking at boots. “All yours.”

“Good.” The doctor took all but his coat into the changing room. “I’m still annoyed that you get red hair and I don’t.”

“It’s just a matter of concentrating when you regenerate.” Jenny picked a pair of chain and stud decorated boots and put them on, tucking her cargo pants into them. She examined herself in the mirror and ran a hand through her long curly red hair.

“I’m generally in too much pain to concentrate on what I look like.” The doctor’s voice was muffled by something over his head. “Besides, Jenny, you still haven’t told me how you actually exist.”

Jenny rolled her eyes at the ceiling. “Are you telling me that you don’t remember the war on Messaline?”

“I remember it vaguely, I just don’t remember how you were created; it hurts when I try to access that area.” He grunted.

Sighing, Jenny sat down on a comfortable chair that had just appeared. “Thank you.” She called out.

The lights blinked in recognition.

“You’re welcome… what are you thanking me for?” The doctor emerged from the changing room in his new ensemble. “What do you think?” he struck a pose.

“I was thanking the TARDIS. Now you look like some kind of space cowboy rather than a reject from the Victorians.” She smiled. “Very handsome.”

He grinned, stuck the new hat on his head and stamped his feet in the boots he had chosen. “It feels right and these are going to be brilliant for running in. I fancy doing some running.”

Jenny giggled. “Your face might have changed, but your personality is still the same. Where are we going?” she followed the doctor back upstairs.

“Wells now we’ve rescued you, I suppose we ought to find out where we are. I’ll move us to somewhere a bit more palatable.” He stopped in front of the console and twiddled a couple of dials, mashed a big button and pulled a lever.

The TARDIS shuddered, the motor made a brief noise and the snowy screen shot was replaced by a view of a lake and rolling hills covered by grass.

“Well it looks warmer, but where are we?” Jenny frowned at the monitor.

“No idea. Never been here before so let’s go find out shall we?” The doctor put his wax coat on and placed the hat a little more squarely on his head.

Jenny suppressed a laugh and they left the TARDIS.

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