Mandy E. Ward

This is where you will find my illustration side…

It’s been a long time in coming out, mostly because I have a problem admitting that I can actually draw!

There are a few projects in the To Do pile –

  • Author & Muse
  • Bumpy Teddy
  • Clashing Authors

I’ve made a start on the Author and Muse project. I’ll publish it one story at a time on it’s own page, here on my site. Once I’ve got enough pages finished to turn it into an e-book / print book, then I’ll put it together and publish it properly.

With Bumpy Teddy, I’ve already sorted out the story and character design, I just need to get it drawn!

Clashing Authors is a collaboration with Maria K. only this time, she’s the Author and I’m the Illustrator!

I will also post the occasional individual Comics that I come up with along the way – often when I can’t write, I can draw and I get inspired by all sorts of different things… so they’ll be posted under the title of “Wanderings” on my blog and under the same Page Title, so there should always be something here to read!

This should be fun, more than a little interesting and definitely a challenge!

Author & Muse