Author & Muse by Mandy E. Ward

Once upon a time there was a girl. She loved all things book related and often spent hours inside her books, avoiding all semblance of social interaction.

The girl grew up and became a Writer. She wrote poetry and stories and had fun with words until someone suggested that she actually submit her stories to be published somewhere.

When the first of her books were published…that… that was the start of a whole new world for her.

A whole new world of voices that told her what she should be doing, when she should be doing it and….

Author: …oh wait, this all makes me sound like I am crazy! Puff, would you please keep your nose out of my work until I actually need you?

Puff: Nope. Never, ever, ever happen. You’re my Author and I am your Writing Muse.

Stardust: What am I then? Chopped up Felt?

Patches: And what about me?

Puff: You two are a nuisance and a distraction.

Author: Behave yourself Puff.

Puff: Awwwwww…..

Author: Just hurry up and put the Character pictures up, Stardust. Then we can get back to work.

Stardust: You’re the Boss!

Puff: They’re really blurry, Stardust; Can’t you get a better one?

Stardust: You try operating a camera with hooves… seriously though, these will have to do until the Boss gets a proper scan of the pages done.

Patches: They’re fine, Stardust. Puff go and help the Boss write some more books so she can afford the correct technology!

Author: *Head in hands, sighs*

And that concludes the introduction to the voices in my head…. I hope you enjoy the stories that follow!



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