The Tower and The Eye

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What is The Tower and The Eye?
The Tower and The Eye is a series of Novellas that came out of my love for RPG and Sword & Sorcery.

I have many happy  memories of spending Saturday and Sunday afternoons, rolling dice, acting out my character and generally being elvish. When I started writing seriously, it was natural that I used my experiences in RPG to aid my story development. So you’ll often find me rolling a 10 sided die to decide what happens to a character or where they are going.

I also drew inspiration from a number of Fantasy / Sword & Sorcery based console games that I love to play and the Master of Pure Fantasy, J.R.R. Tolkien himself. The Tower and The Eye tales began appearing after I had spent a while writing horror stories and I needed to get back to my fantasy work.
My horror side does come through in the battles, but I enjoy the journeys that I make my characters take  (whether the characters enjoy them is another thing!) and these stories are pure fantasy – Elves, Dwarves, Orc’s; Demons, sword fights and magic aplenty.

All five stories have been written. Each has its own, individual cover designed by Elizabeth Bank of Selestiele Designs

In 2014, independent publisher, Blue Hour Publishing, expressed an interest in publishing the series. Sadly, we had to part company in late 2016, so the series is in the process of an extensive rewrite. September 2017 saw the re-release of The Tower and The Eye: A Beginning in both print and electronic format. The rest will follow in due course!

The world map - all books
Quargard: The Heart Kingdoms

The Series Blurb…

The world of Quargard is at peace. The Heart Kingdoms of Galivor, Jinran, Franier, Valdir, Reldheim and Alethdariel co-exist harmoniously, but it was not always so.

The Legend of The Black Tower War keeps the children of the four kingdoms in check. Parents ensure that they eat their greens and go to bed on time by passing on the tales of the Dungeons of Doom, ruled over by The Eye of The Overlord.

Adults consider them only stories, but sometimes stories are true and they always go around in cycles… There is a stirring in the Darkness. Who will step forward to fight it?

* * *

The Trailer…


 Beginning 300 x 200Book One: A Beginning

A mad King rules in Galivor. His sons vie for the right to become his official heir. While the youngest, Korin, chases the bandits plaguing the land, Loric sets out to plunder an abandoned dungeon.

With his dwarven bodyguard Grimhelm Drakesplitter; the elven mage Lord Silvertree; Cleric of Espilieth, Lady Kalytia and the thief, Thiert of Galindren; Loric enters the ruins of a Dungeon of Doom on the outskirts of Pleasemore Village.

Little do they know they are being watched…

Grof 300 x 200

Book Two: Party at Castle Grof
In Rewrite

Castle Grof has claimed the lives of many already, but Lord Harnaz of Valdez is determined to clear the menace of the dungeon underneath the ruins completely.

Drawn into the quest with a barbarian warrior, a monk of Tyr and an old friend, Aranok and his half sister, Ariana, begin to wonder if they will actually return to their home in the elven realm of Alethdariel alive…


Freya 300 x 200

Book Three: Freya’s Freedom
In Rewrite

Freya has many assets, the least of which is her exotic beauty. Having been freed from the benign slavery of the Pleasurehouse, she journeys to Jinra to meet up with her brother Grald. Along the way she meets Sir Vrenstalliren, Paladin of Espilieth, who insists on becoming her guardian.

In the next town the two become five, having been joined by Kraarz, an Orc Shaman; Vox, his Otherworld Spirit Guide and Lin, an Elysian warrior on a quest of her own. It is just as well, for she is walking into a danger she is ill equipped to face alone…

Harp 300x200

Book Four: The Harp of Aleth
In Rewrite

Another border skirmish with the Franierens forces the Elves to send Lady Julissa Alethdan to hunt for the Harp of Aleth; a magical harp capable of healing the most tormented of souls and calming the fury of battle into peace.

This should be an easy task, after all, the dungeon she is entering was cleansed over a hundred years ago…



Nightbringer 300x200

Book Five: Nightbringer
In Rewrite

The Midwinter Solstice Beacons snake across Quargard as the Aracan Katuvana plots his next move. The surviving Heroes of the Dungeons gather to plan his demise. The Gods watch the Heroes and wait.

Behind it all the Jar completes its designs, setting into motion a conflict that is intended to set the Dark Gods free once more.

Who will prevail? Not even the Gods can tell…

* * * * *


Omnibus: The Tower and the Eye
Watch This Space!

This is the whole series in one book!

At 508 pages on Kindle and 674 pages in Print, it’s the sort of read you need for a long journey or a day at the beach.

If you’d like a signed and dedicated Print copy, just contact me through my Facebook Author page.


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