Places I’ve been Interviewed…

Want to get on this page? Then email me at – – and we’ll chat!

Sooze Says Stuff

This is the blog of the wonderful Suzannah Burke. One of my personal Heroines and someone I would love to meet some time, check out the interview she did with the rambling answers I sent her and marvel at her altogether seriously wonderfulness…

A Mind Lively and at Ease

The Blog of an awesome Non-Fiction Writer, Illustrator and Maths whiz. A pretty lady with definite ideas about clothes and fashion, Maria Kuroshchepova. She interviewed me recently and I enjoyed the experience!

Duotrope’s Digest

Duotrope is one of the best resources there is online. It helps Writers, Poets and Publishers connect with each other and they interviewed me recently as part of their updating of the website.  The questions were aimed at my Editorial Persona of course (Welcome to Wherever is listed on Duotrope) so the interview is about Welcome to Wherever.






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